About the project

lurking1Lurkers – is lurking working” is a Nordplus project involving the members of the NVL network Distans with representatives from all the Nordic nations and self-governing territories (see project team). NVL is the Nordic Network for Adult Education and Distans is one of many networks that each focus on different aspects of adult education.

The main objective of the project is to clarify/explore/understand what seems to be a structural change in the way adult learners participate in educational activities. The focus in the project is so to say on a structural level. Is “lurking” just working with individual personalized learning? Individual personalized learning is what the educational institutions are arguing they are delivering though flexible online studies?

The project wants to clarify if ”lurking” just is a specific version of flexible learning and try to find out what the incentive is for people’s (continued) participation without participating “actively”. 

The project will also focus on what has been considered as a serious problem for many years in the educational circles – namely high drop-out rates in online courses.

As another branch of the project it will be explored if online learning activities can be organized so that it would make silent learners feel more comfortable and included, and hence more inclined to active participation.


To strengthen adults’ key competences and recognition of adult informal and non-formal learning.

Specify how the project supports the chosen objective:

The project will meet its objectives in the following  ways:

  • By establishing a cooperation and exchange between Nordic countries and self-governing regions within adult learning, the project supports organizations and institutions to interact, to learn from each other and join forces to meet mutual challenges. Hereby the project contributes to the establishment of a Nordic-Baltic educational region.
  • By developing and disseminating innovative quality products, processes and knowledge in adult learning the project contributes to a systematic exchange of experience and knowledge.
  • With a strong focus on the recognition of adult learners, informal and non-formal learning the project contributes to a better understanding of behavior of the adult learners in general. An interesting outcome could be that the project also contributes to a better understanding of cultural differences in the 8 partner countries.
  • Indirectly the project also contributes the adult learners to meet the challenges of modern citizenship by contributing to a better understanding of the behavior of the adult learners in the virtual learning environment.

1 thought on “About the project

  1. What do you mean by “participating actively”? What is the problem. If a silent learner is a very hard thinker, but you see nothing and you only hear the outcome of his thinking how do you classify this learner?


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