Getting to know your learners and their strengths

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Ask learners to assess themselves as learners as a pre-course activity. How much do they enjoy participation/group work, reflection, reading, analysis etc? What course situations do they feel comfortable with and what situations do they feel unsure or uneasy about? This can be done either face-to-face, in an online meeting or by a short questionnaire (eg. in Google Forms)

Try to identify what kind of support each silent/invisible learner needs by, for example:

  • making a deal with the student
  • asking right questions and reading between the lines
  • collecting background information from networks
  • reading students’ learning logs
  • analyzing the data collected from the learning management system

For more about online guidance for silent and invisible learners in our webinar held 18 May 2016, see the description of the webinar including the recording and the materials