Small pieces of interactivity …


When I was ten years old I sometimes ran away from the other children playing outside. I went to a calm place, found a book and enjoyed reading. I the background I could hear my sisters and friends’ noisy games. Maybe I was a “silent player” or a silent reader or may be a typical introvert. Well, sometimes I also enjoyed to be in the centre of the game, participating a hundred per cent.

Is this an example of how we might act and react differently? The situation, the mood and feelings drive us in different directions and we behave differently. I think it is also the same when it comes to learning.  Some days we are very active, energetic and participative in a constructive manner. Another day we might be silent, half listening and not participating. Either drowned in our own thinking or may be tired and wanting to relax. A third day we might be more in opposition to the presenter and other participants, active enough, but may be not so constructive. Continue reading