Small pieces of interactivity …


When I was ten years old I sometimes ran away from the other children playing outside. I went to a calm place, found a book and enjoyed reading. I the background I could hear my sisters and friends’ noisy games. Maybe I was a “silent player” or a silent reader or may be a typical introvert. Well, sometimes I also enjoyed to be in the centre of the game, participating a hundred per cent.

Is this an example of how we might act and react differently? The situation, the mood and feelings drive us in different directions and we behave differently. I think it is also the same when it comes to learning.  Some days we are very active, energetic and participative in a constructive manner. Another day we might be silent, half listening and not participating. Either drowned in our own thinking or may be tired and wanting to relax. A third day we might be more in opposition to the presenter and other participants, active enough, but may be not so constructive. Continue reading


Each silent learner has an individual story to tell


CC0 Public domain on Pexels

By Taru Kekkonen

In the project, we had this brilliant idea to interview some of our silent online learners to learn more about them and their ways of learning. Our humble aim was in this way to learn to support their learning better. We were curious to hear how they learn best, how they want or don’t want to participate, what encourages them to and what discourages them from taking active part in online learning sessions. A nice idea, yes, but the problem is that the silent learners are usually not very eager to give interviews… Anyhow, we contacted some online students that we identified as silent learners i.e. learners who pass courses and make progress in their studies but seem to be passive when it comes to taking active part in real time online events or online discussions. And we did get to talk to a few students. Even if the interviews were not so numerous, they showed us clearly that we are not talking about one category in which we could place all these silent students  but about individuals who all have a different story to tell and individual reasons why to remain silent online. Continue reading