Workshop at EDEN 2016 Budapest

At the EDEN Online Conference in Budapest 2016 we presented this project at a workshop. Slides used during our workshop at EDEN 2016:

In this workshop, we discussed reasons for passive/silent participation in courses and seminars (both online and on-site) and illuminated how we have sought to generate methods for encouraging more active participation. We  presented the background and initial findings of our current project, Is Lurking working? (Nordplus 2015). We hoped that the findings of this workshop would provide valuable input for participants to take to their own situatins in their dealings with adult learners, giving them ideas which can help them organize learning events which suit people who like to learn in different ways. We also hoped  to gather some responces which could be usefulto the project’s continuing work. We believe that there are similarities between those who are silent learners on campus and online and that although the online environment may make it easier to remain silent the phenomenon is more about learner’s feeling of security and sense of belonging than a specific online issue.


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